Youth Groups

Youth Groups

If you are looking for activities to do with your youth group, Zero Gravity is the perfect spot for you. We pride ourselves on giving youth groups from across the Minneapolis area access to a range of fun and unique activities, meant to stimulate the mind as well as keep you active. We have a ton of youth group gathering ideas we can share with you, or you can spend time exploring these options on your own. There are many reasons why Zero Gravity should be your next youth group destination.

Fun for Everyone

There are numerous activities to suit a wide range of ages, interests, and group sizes. At Zero Gravity, we know that not all kids are the same. As a result, we strive to offer a variety of activities covering numerous areas, including sports, arts, and imaginative play. These fun and memorable activities include:

Switch It Up

Hosting an event at Zero Gravity gives your group memories they can cherish for the rest of their lives. Nature walks and visiting parks are great ways to stay active, but they don’t carry the same memory-making power. Events at Zero Gravity are meant to be memorable, giving the kids in your care reasons to continue coming back to your group.
Thanks to the wide variety of available activities, your group can easily spend the entire day here, without ever getting bored. You run organized events, taking the kids through each one of the activities above, or have a free-for-all type of day.

Stay Active

Children need to stay active to stay healthy and at Zero Gravity, we have made that our focus. We have picked activities and events specifically designed to keep children active while also giving them a chance to have some fun. This can set them up for a lifetime of prioritizing their physical health.

At Zero Gravity, we know that coming up with fun and exciting youth group ideas can be challenging. This is why we focus on keeping things fun, unique, and fresh at our facility. We are happy to offer a variety of activities suitable for groups of all sizes and ages. Contact our friendly office staff today to learn more about our pricing, activities, or to book us for your gathering today.