Tot Time

Tot Time

Come Play With Us at Tot Time!

Available Fridays 11 am-Noon

Every parent is on the lookout for fun activities to do with their children. While the older kids are busy with school, Zero Gravity has a fun option for parents to enjoy with their younger children.

Tot Time takes place at Zero Gravity from late September through May. During those months, every Friday morning, from 11 a.m. to noon, we open up our trampolines to toddlers – up to age 5, who are able to walk – and their parents to have some fun together in an environment that combines high energy and very low impact into a fun experience.

Tot Time

Jump Around!

The exercise that toddlers can get on trampolines is some of the easiest on their young bodies, and it still allows them to be their playful and energetic selves. We can’t picture any toddler not laughing in joy as they bounce around, especially with their parents bouncing right alongside them. Cost is just $6.99 for children. One parent jumps free with each child. The only requirement is that parent and child have Zero Gravity socks worn to jump around – at only $2.50 per pair, that’s a lot of fun to be had for very little cost.

Tot Time

Bouncing Buddies!

We feel that, particularly at a young age, it’s vitally important that young children have the opportunity to play with their parents as much as possible – and in ways that not only promote good physical health, but strengthen the bond between parent and child.

Zero Gravity’s trampoline environment allows for a degree of full-body exercise that can’t be obtained by other means for children of very young age. And with their parent close by, a toddler will be able to enjoy themselves completely in our facility without complaint. If anything, it might be a challenge to get them to leave.

Come Have Fun with Your Tot!

Zero Gravity is located in Mounds View, MN, not far from the Downtown Minneapolis area. If you or somebody you know is looking for new activities for toddlers in Minneapolis or the greater Twin Cities area, we invite you to come down on Friday mornings from late September through May and spend a little time bouncing around with your littlest ones! They are going to love it… and so will you!