Need somewhere to host the next birthday party or big group outing? Consider one of Zero Gravity’s unique party packages. We have fun the whole family will love, with unique jumping experiences, great food and a memento for the guest of honor to take with them. Jumping is great for your heart and your muscles, and we do our best to bring you a variety of activities to keep things exciting.

Party Perks

No matter which package you choose, you can expect some amazing perks to make your party awesome. We’ll provide enough pizza to feed your guests, along with bottled water or Powerade to wash it down with. Each jumper will then get a sweet fix with a delicious cupcake to help you celebrate any occasion.

When you and your friends leave the party, you’ll get to take a piece of Zero Gravity with you. You’ll need jump socks for any trampoline attraction, and we’ll set you up with a pair for everyone. The guest of honor will get a Zero Gravity t-shirt to remember the fun-filled day.

Basic Jump Party

When you purchase our basic jump party package, your guests will have access to our open jump arena for 60 minutes. Kids have a blast expending their energy in the expansive trampoline space, and it’s a great cardio workout too! If things get a little raucous and rowdy, we also have crash pads around each trampoline to help keep everyone safe.

Guests who want to add some extra fun to their jumping time can take part in one of our bonus experiences. During your 60 minutes, you’ll have access to loads of unique jumping entertainment:

● Dodgeball
● Slam Dunk
● Foam Pit
● Climbing Wall

With dodgeball, kids can enjoy the classic gym activity without the hard gymnasium surface. Slam Dunk makes it possible for anyone to pound the ball through the net. Apprehensive jumpers can test out their flips and tricks by landing in our perfectly padded foam pit. This basic package offers a variety of activities for your child’s trampoline park birthday party.

Ultimate Jump Party

Our Ultimate Jump Party goes to the next level. You’ll get everything included in the Basic Jump Package, with more activities and more jumping time. Buying this package will gain you access to our trampoline courts for 90 minutes of unlimited jumping, plus our net courts and laser tag arena.

In laser tag, kids and adults get to practice their stealthiness as they creep around the arena in search of their opponents. Participants can get hit an unlimited number of times without being eliminated from the game. Our system will simply track hits as points and add them up at the end. Additional fun can be had with entry to our net courts.

Group Size

Our packages accommodate groups as small as 6 and as large as 40. With 6 or fewer people, you’ll get to cap off the birthday party with 30 minutes at a party table where you’ll enjoy refreshments as well as pizza and cupcakes.

When you book a larger group, you’ll have 45 minutes of table time, and you’ll get a private room with a party host to help you stay organized. Whether your group is big or small, we’ll make sure your guests are well-fed and have a great time.

Book Your Next Party Today

Zero Gravity is the best venue for any number of gatherings, including team-building events, birthday parties, and other celebrations. Not only is jumping one of the most effective exercise activities you can do, but it’s also an absolute thrill. If you live in Mounds View, Minnesota and you’re wondering “which is the best trampoline park near me?” look no further than Zero Gravity. Book your event now!