Open Jump Arena

Open Jump Arena

Trampoline Jumping at Zero Gravity

Here at Zero Gravity, we are proud to offer some of the best entertainment and exercise for children. With our Open Jump Arena, children are able to have the freedom to jump all they want! Trampoline jumping gives kids a great cardio workout at Zero Gravity. This workout is great for their heart, muscles, and metabolism. It helps to get them out of their chairs and doing something that they really enjoy.

Open Jump Arena



60 min $11.99 | 90 min $15.99 | 120 min $19.99



$23.99 – includes 2 -1/2 hours of unlimited use of everything*


*Includes 2 1/2 hrs of unlimited use of everything in the park including: Trampolines, Climbing Wall, Aerial Challenge Obstacle Course, Indoor Playground and Laser Tag.

What exactly is Open Jump?

At Zero Gravity, we offer wall-to-wall segmented trampolines for children to enjoy Open Jump.

  • Open jumping can practically mean anything as far as using one of our indoor trampolines.
  • This is a trampoline workout that can help children to build their muscles and get some great exercise.
  • Kids love this type of workout because to them, it does not seem like exercising at all!

Open Jump is a great way to stay in shape and children can play games while they are doing so. There is dodgeball, slam ball, and other fun games that they can play. They will be able to interact with the other kids that are there as well. With crash pads located all around the trampolines, Open Jump is a fun and safe way to exercise.

Why do people Love Our Open Jump Arena in Minneapolis?

There are many benefits to jumping on trampolines. Doing so can be a great way to lose some weight while having a fun time with family and friends. We here are Zero Gravity feel that a kid deserves to have quality time on a trampoline. What better way to do it than with their friends playing some dodgeball? Adults can use these trampolines, too, and many of them have great reasons why they like jumping.

  • It’s good for you to jump! It gets the blood flowing and the muscles moving.
  • It’s just plain fun! It reminds them that they can be a kid again and enjoy every moment of it.
  • It’s great cardio exercise. Scientists have said that jumping on the trampoline for 10 minutes is just about equal to a half hour of running at a steady pace.
  • It never gets old! At our Open Jump Arena in Minneapolis, adults and children alike can meet new friends and play games with them for hours. It is a great social activity and can be used in so many ways to build bonds and friendships.

Jumping Games and Fun

Open Jump is a great way for kids of all ages to have a great time, but there are also quite a few games that they can play while jumping. Dodgeball is one of the most popular games that kids like to play when they are jumping. When playing, the kids will line up into two teams. Each team will line up along the back wall and balls will be given out equally. The kids will then jump and throw balls at each other. They will be dodging and jumping all at the same time!

Another fun game that kids like to play during Open Jump is slam ball, which is basically a form of basketball that kids can play while jumping. It is much easier for them to get a slam dunk this way!

Open Jump is a great way to really give kids the freedom that they want when it comes to exercising. At Zero Gravity, we want them to have a great time and also get that heart-healthy workout. We pride ourselves in being able to entertain them with the trampolines that line our building. Bring the kids in today for a terrific experience at Open Jump!