Laser Tag

Come Play Laser Tag in Minneapolis!

When you and your kids are ready to work off some energy, nothing is more fun than Laser Tag at Zero Gravity! We are located just west of The Mermaid in Mounds View. Contact us for more information about our location and hours of operation.

Laser Tag


Participants should be at least 5-years-old to enjoy laser tag, but no age is too old. The fun, intergalatic theme includes outer space murals on the walls of our 3,000 square foot space, with the main floor and a 4-foot raised platform – reachable via ramps – giving you plenty of space to play and hide.

Bring Your Friends

If you’ve never played laser tag before, our arena is the perfect place to start in Minneapolis, MN. Laser tag is a physical activity that is safe, low impact and painless. Anyone at any fitness level can play and enjoy it. You can play on your own, with a small group, or even a larger number.

This super fun activity gives you a chance to think strategically and play with up to 20 of your friends in a whole new way. Since you’re indoors, you can play any time of the year, even in the rain and snow. If you need a good rainy day activity or something to do after dark, this game is ideal!

Laser tag is a great activity for all ages. It’s physical, but you don’t have to overdo it in order to play and have a great time. You can play any time of the year without worrying about weather. Whether you’re 5, 55 or 85, you can have fun at our laser tag arena in the Twin Cities!

The Perfect Birthday Party Idea!

You could consider the arena for a birthday celebration and experience all of our attractions with one of our party packages. The kids will have more fun than they ever imagined sneaking around the intergalactic arena, finding and shooting lasers at one another. And just because they get shot doesn’t mean they are out. The system simply keeps track of how many times each person is hit, but they can still keep playing so everyone enjoys the fun the whole time!

With Party Packages to fit any size group of budget, Zero Gravity is the place to hold your next birthday party, group celebration, or team building event. Private party rooms are available for groups of 10-40 guests. Book online now or call us at (763) 231-3033.