Holiday Party Venue

Holiday Party Venue in Minneapolis

5 Benefits of Throwing Your Next Gathering at Zero Gravity

We know that you love your family and friends. We know you even love your co-workers. But if you have to throw one more party or get together you will either scream or collapse from exhaustion. Contacting Zero Gravity will make planning your holiday party much easier. Here are 5 phenomenal benefits to allowing us to host your next holiday party.

  1. We will handle the food!

    You don’t have to focus on cooking, washing dishes, or contracting with caterers for your next gathering and can instead focus on spending time with family and friends. We serve delicious pizza and beverages with every party here at Zero Gravity. And you won’t have to do any dishes at home.

  2. There are so many fun things to do!

    Zero Gravity offers a number of fun activities that will keep you and your guests busy and entertained throughout the whole event. With our vast array of attractions, there will be no issues breaking the ice and getting the party started. Make sure you bring your cell phones because you will want to capture the moment and keep these memories for years to come.

  3. You don’t have to clean!

    One of the most stressful parts of throwing any event is cleaning your house before and after the party, sometimes even during! Leave that job to us, because when you have your party at Zero Gravity, we make sure that you have a great, stress-free time and leave the mess behind.

  4. The kids are busy and safe!

    Nothing adds more chaos to a conversation than a room full of kids needing to be entertained. You won’t have to rent bounce houses, much less have to stand outside and watch them. You can play too! Or you can stand (or sit) and have quality conversations in our party rooms. Whatever kind of energy you’re feeling that day, we have something to fit your needs.

  5. We’ll help you plan!

    Not sure how to run this party? We can help you with all the holiday party ideas you will need. We specialize in family get-togethers and love helping you plan!

Don’t stress out over another holiday gathering! Contact Zero Gravity for a relaxing and affordable holiday party that is sure to become a celebrated family tradition.