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Corporate Events & Team Building in Minneapolis

Nothing says team building like plotting to take down your fellow employees while playing laser tag! With Bob from Accounting and Cheryl from Legal at your side, you are going to take down the Sales group, once and for all. It’s just a matter of getting the right angles in our new CYBERBLAST laser tag arena. After you have proven yourself the champ at laser tag, it’s time to have some real fun shooting hoops and dunking like one of the pros in the basketball area. If the Sales team wants a rematch, head over to our dodgeball arena to really prove how your team works together.

Ignite Your Competitive Spirit

It’s one thing to have in-house competitions for sales numbers or cases handled. But it’s something else for a team to have the sort of swagger that can only come from demonstrating their competence outside of the cubicles. Find out whether it’s the sales team or the IT guys who can claim to be the “killer elite” in a laser tag skirmish.

See if your accounting department can rack up numbers or if your CSRs give “service with a smile” in a trampoline dodgeball bracket. We have the playground and we’re more than happy to help you come up with the games for team-building events.

Blow Off Steam

Maybe it’s been a rough month, or even a rough quarter, and everybody’s on the sort of edge that can get ugly fast. Not all team building ideas have to be about building fire and grit.

Sometimes, it’s about giving people the chance to let their hair down, kick off their shoes, and remember why they hang around with their colleagues beyond the paycheck and free coffee. A moment’s respite might be just what your teams need to renew their sense of purpose and corporate identity.

Schedule Your Next Corporate Event with Us!

No matter if it’s because the team needs a little exercise, or they need the extra little spring in their step from proving they’re the best in the building, Zero Gravity can help make it happenCheck out our group rates as well as the various activity options available, then call us at (763) 219-4010 and we’ll get you bouncing back in no time.

Corporate Events