Kid Activities & Attractions at Zero Gravity Trampoline Park

You are never too old to play dodgeball, laser tag or simply jump around for fun! At Zero Gravity Trampoline Park, we have all kinds of activities for kids and even adults to engage in. No matter what you want to do, there is something here for everybody.

Trampoline Foam PitAttractions

The trampoline foam pit is suitable for children of all ages. The kids can flip, spin and jump off the trampoline into a safe foam pit. Even the parents can get in on the action.


Kids at the party can try to get the highest score on Treasure Quest, Frogger, Big Bass and more. Kids will get hours of fun out of classic arcade games, including air hockey, skeeball, and basketball. There are even games that will give out tickets, and the kids can redeem those tickets for fabulous prizes.

Laser TagAttractions

Zero Gravity Trampoline Park has a 3,000 square foot space dedicated for laser tag. It has an intergalactic theme, and anyone over the age of 5 can enjoy it. There is plenty of space to hide out until it is your time to strike.

Indoor Climbing WallAttractions

Kids will also get a kick out of the indoor rock climbing wall. The best part of this is that you do not need any special gear because the wall is located directly over a foam pit. If someone falls off the wall, they will land comfortably on the foam cubes. Kids will love climbing all the wall to the top and then falling comfortably to the floor.

Trampoline Dodgeball Courts Attractions

Experience the ultimate way to play dodgeball. This is not your grandfather’s dodgeball! This high-energy, fast-paced game will blow you away.

Open Jump ArenaAttractions

With our Open Jump Arena, children are able to have the freedom to jump all they want! Open Jump is a great way to stay in shape and children can play games while they are doing so

Ninja Obstacle CourseAttractions

This course is designed to help you practice your awesome ninja skills. The course will help you test and increase your agility, speed, stamina, and focus. Train your body, build strength, and hone your physical and mental abilities to easily master any ninja challenge.

Zero Gravity Attractions in Minneapolis

Zero Gravity Trampoline Park also has a tot spot for children who are a bit younger. Regardless if your kids have a lot of energy or prefer standing still playing video games, there is something for everyone here.