Aerial Challenge

Aerial Ninja Obstacle Course

We see it every day – a happy group of excited customers walks into our trampoline park and starts looking around. They point to skee ball, chatter excitedly about the competitive racing games, and then somebody glances up, and the mood changes. One by one, the whole group peers upward and points, and inevitably one person – the bravest of the crew – yells: “I want to do THAT!”



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Exciting Challenges

We’ve put a lot of work into making this indoor obstacle course thrilling and unique while maintaining the level of safety you expect from our facility. Our features include:

Tipping Channel: Approach the tipping channel carefully, or find yourself quickly launched to the waiting safety net below.

Traverse Climbing Wall: Strategy is the name of the game here, and you’ll see excited aerial challenge course participants pointing out routes to each other as they approach the traverse climbing wall.

Cargo Net: Upper body strength is key to moving quickly across the cargo net.

Hanging Ropes: Balance and coordination help to move across this obstacle.

Lily Pad Walk: Made famous on TVs American Ninja Warrior, our lily pad walk will have you second-guessing yourself as you stare at the ground below through empty air. There’s only the safety net between solid footing and the ground below. Don’t hesitate, GO!

And there’s much, much more!

  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • Hanging Disks
  • Zig Zag Walk
  • Uneven Tibetan Ladder
  • Teeter Totter Walk
  • Wavy Ladder
  • Hanging T Bars
  • Balance Beam
  • Horizontal Ladder
  • Moving Ladder
  • Footsteps
  • Horizontal Net

Safety First

If you’re into American Ninja Warrior, parkour, climbing, or just want to test your speed, agility, and strength against your friends, the Aerial Ninja Obstacle Course is for you. Most similar courses require complicated harnesses and ropes to ensure safety, but we’ve rigged up a different system – we’ve enclosed the entire structure in double layers of safety netting. Lose your balance or grip and tumble off an obstacle and free-fall a short distance to the netting, then climb back up to take another shot at the obstacle course!

Fun for All

If you’re a parent with kids of different ages, or supervising a playgroup of different ability levels, the Aerial Ninja Obstacle Course is an excellent alternative to some of our more technical features. Although physically demanding, it is suitable for most ages, and even adults uncomfortable with our trampolines, foam pit, and slam dunk arena can often be coerced into maneuvering across obstacles suspended above onlookers.

Are you anxious about heights? Challenge yourself in a safe and fun environment, and walk away knowing you’ve conquered your personal demons AND our course! Want to participate with your kids? This is fun for the whole family! Our net course is the spot where camp counselors, teachers, babysitters and athletes all come together to swing, balance, leap and maneuver across a landscape of professionally-engineered obstacles and features. For the littlest gymnast or ninja warrior in your crew, the net course may be the best way to show off those skills without having to compete with the big kids.

Staff is Here to Help

Contact our friendly staff with questions about age and height restrictions or recommendations for scheduling your adventure at our state-of-the-art facility. At Zero Gravity, we want to make sure you have a birthday party, play group, or family outing to remember and that you’ll visit us again and again!

We also have Party Packages to fit any size group or budget, Zero Gravity is the place to hold your next birthday party, group celebration, or Team building event. Private party rooms are available for groups from 10-40 guests. Book online now or (763) 231-3033.

Aerial Challenge Course

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