Attractions at Zero Gravity

Laser Tag in Twin Cities


Shoot your way through two levels of intergalactic fun in our new CYBERBLAST arena that can accommodate up to 20 players.

Open Jump in Twin Cities


Multiple trampolines are connected together for an incredible experience of jumping freedom. Bounce from trampoline to trampoline or off the walls. Yes, the walls are also trampolines.

Dodge Ball in Twin Cities


Experience dodgeball in a whole new way. Our main court is designated as our older player court who want a more fast paced, high-energy game. Younger players can enjoy the smaller court – also available for private rentals.

Slamdunk in Twin Cities


Practice your dunk skills in our basketball area. Two lanes with hoops set at different heights are ready for jumpers of all ages.



Foam Pit in Twin Cities


Send yourself flying into a pit of soft foam cubes. Test your skills at jumping, spinning, or flipping.


Twin Cities Arcade


Redeem your newly won tickets for awesome prizes in our arcade of over 20 video and redemption games.